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 Monthly Membership Program

You can make a world of a difference to someone TODAY!

Are you willing to be part of a team that contributes to those who are in need in Sri Lanka? take action today, Join us & be a member with an amount as small as US$15 every month. 

Why Monthly

  • To start with, you won't feel it in your pocket!

    You are still making a huge impact without making a dent in your pocket. While $15 is not a significant amount to most of us, $15 goes a long way in providing necessities, funding projects and filling gaps for the poor and destitute in Sri Lanka.

  • Raise Sri Lanka can plan and take on projects due to assurance of continuous funding

    This helps in raise lives in a significant manner rather than the occasional charity here and there.

  • When disaster strikes?

    Man made or natural, Raise Sri Lanka will have the opportunity to assist affected communities with immediate relief needed.

  • Deficits in ongoing projects can be fulfilled.

    Raise Sri Lanka plans the budget for each project but there still could be unforeseen costs adding on. With the monthly donations fund, Raise Sri Lanka can still complete projects and account for every dollar spent to their donor base.

  • Responding to medical Emergencies.

    Raise Sri Lanka is able to forward funds towards emergency procedures to save lives where the recipient has no other way to raise the funds needed.

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