Raise Sri Lanka is a registered non profit based out of the United states. Only a handful of charities get the 501(c)3 status in the United States after careful review of the background and financial position of the board of directors as well as the existence of the organization. We are working hard to get the SL registration which would establish us as a SL entity and would be able to get more donations from our home country as well

As of now, Raise Sri Lanka uses 100% of its funding directed towards the charitable causes as all of our Raise Sri Lanka volunteers work for free and bear the administration costs as part of their volunteering.

Using paypal or facebook page select donation amount and Make this a monthly donation checkbox to set up a recurring payment. You have the option to select any amount starting from USD15 a month to USD100 to be picked as a donation amount and each month we will use the collection for the next highest priority initiative

There are special scenarios we will help find a child in need or a family that needs support.Write to us on raisesrilanka@gmail.com for becoming a monthly donor for such causes

No. Any fundraisers that are initiated through Raise Sri Lanka will benefit the charity and none of the funds will be deposited for any individual for their personal causes. All projects are evaluated and is managed by the Raise SL team

Birthday fundraisers are managed within facebook and facebook alone. Please give at least 1 month before your birthday for your friends to donate for your cause by creating a fundraiser using our charity page on facebook. You have the option to select a cause that is closer to your heart by looking at our future projects or you can create a fundraiser with a generic cause so that we will utilize the funds for the most recent initiative that need help with.

Facebook has a limited set of countries that can donate for any fundraiser created through a non profit organization. This is a policy that they follow and Sri Lanka and Singapore are not accepted as yet onto the program. So what we suggest is that if you have a lot of Sri lankans who can potentially help with your fundraiser we can create a designated paypal link and place it on the website for your birthday collection so you would still be able to get people to help with your cause.

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