Photocopier for 10 schools in Gomarankadawala

Photocopier for 10 schools in Gomarankadawala

Photocopier for 10 schools in Gomarankadawala

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Monthly member donations at work 🙂

We have been helping 10 low-privileged schools in the Gomarankadawala division for the past year. The breakfast program last year uplifted student health while encouraging attendance significantly. This year our focus is to help these schools with their basic needs further to ensure that the infrastructure is strengthened. One of the primary requests from the 10 schools is a photocopier. Currently, since none of the schools has this facility all of the papers that the children need for their day-to-day have to be printed outside and the parents with low income find it challenging to accommodate.

With the donations from the monthly members, we purchased a photocopier that will support 10 schools in need. The toner and paper costs will be borne through the stationary allowance provided by the government and we will closely monitor the usage across all 10 schools to ensure the return on this donation.

We wish to thank all of you who supported us and especially our monthly members who are the backbone of these projects throughout the year. Thank you and stay blessed. ❤

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