Newsletter October 2020

Newsletter October 2020

15th October 2020

When you are blessed a little extra, raise someone who needs a little extra It has been a successful month for us since we started our monthly giving program. Many have joined hands with us and our continuing to join with us in our journey to help change lives for the better. We sincerely thank you for continuing to be part of Raise Sri Lanka


Your contributions have made it possible to make the change we all want to be part of. During September 15th to October 15th your generous donations helped two families (1 st family – 6 members, 2nd family – 5 members) in need in Kandy and Yakkala suburban areas. See next page for more details.

Since the pandemic we are receiving many requests and we are prioritizing the best we could. Meanwhile we getting ready for 2 more initiatives, hoping to change more lives for the better. If you have friends and family who are willing to be part of us, do get them to join this mission with you.

Housing for Somasiri’s Family, Kandy

Your contributions this month went towards building a new home for Somasiri’s family. You helped the children get the mental and physical space to concentrate on studies and the parents to rest their head without worrying whether rain will harm his family

Total Cost of the project - $ 1523.00

House furniture for 4 children

Your contributions went to provide bedding and study tables for the four children of Yakkala has helped the kids study on a table without having to use the floor. And the eldest boys’ dream to “sleep on a bed of his own’ came true thanks to your help to this family.

Total Cost of the project - $ 275.00

Initiatives Currently in Progress

  1. Help cancer hospital with urgent medicine for breast cancer patients (Approx: Cost - $190)
  2. Help pregnant mothers with essential supplies during pregnancy and newborns (Approx: Cost - $304)

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