Newsletter October to November 2020

Newsletter October to November 2020

15th November 2020

When you are a blessed a little extra, raise someone who needs a little extra.

House for Somasiri and his Family

Our dearest monthly givers, together we did it. Somasiri and his family were living in a house built with clay, hoping for days without rain because the roof had holes. Somasiri is a daily wage earner, he tries his very best to get some form of food on the table for a family of five. A house for them was a dream which is now a dream come true. Together we were able to give Somasiri and his family hope, to keep dreaming and strive for a better future.

With the help from our volunteer, Udayanga for the execution and your generous monthly contribution we built a house within one month at a cost of Rs. 275000.

For Somasiri and his family you are the blessing sent from up above

Helping our Sri Lankans to get through these difficult times

COVID Relief – Food Pack Distribution 1

Date : 11/3/2020 & 11/6/2020

Contribution: Packs for 50 Families

Total Contribution: Rs. 120000 ($666)

Volunteer: Jeevan

Location: Ranawana, Kannimahara, Warapalana, Aththanagalla, Walgammulla, Pugoda, Weliweriya, haranayakapura

Most of these people are daily workers who have no source of income now and people who are under quarantine due to being street vendors so we left the packs outside their homes. We partnered with out volunteer Jeevan to distribute food packs to 50 families

COVID Relief – Food Pack Distribution 2

Date : 11/7/2020 and 11/9/2020

Contribution: 50 Family packs

Total Contribution: Rs. 160000 ($888)

Volunteer: Pramila

Location: Waskaduwa, Wadduwa, Galpatha, Dediyawela, and Kalutara

We partnered with our volunteer Pramila to distribute food packs to fisherman and people living on daily wage. Most of these families live across the ocean. Another set of families' earnings are based on cleaning houses, plucking coconuts, working as laborers and day jobs. With the current condition, most of them are struggling even to have one meal per day. They were ecstatic to see these packs of essentials to keep them going until they can get back to their jobs.

COVID Relief – Food Pack Distribution 3

Date : 11/14/2020

Contribution: 20 Packs

Total Contribution: Rs. 50000 ($277)

Volunteer: Jeevan

Location: Aluthgama, Bandaragama, Banbaranayakapura, Kiriwana, Polhena, Tharala Wasama

We partnered with our Volunteer Jeevan to distribute to areas that had a lot of COVID impact and high exposure. Most of these families have financial difficulties and special conditions where they are single moms, pregnant moms, families with disabilities and older people, people on day jobs or no income.


Date : 11/3/2020

Distribution: 50 PPE KITS

Total Contribution: Rs. 40000 ($222)

Volunteer: Oshadhi

Location: Grandpass, Columbo Raise

Sri Lanka in partnership with our volunteer contributed 50 PPE Kits for our Health Professionals so that they could do their work diligently. These health professionals risk their life day in an out to help another human to overcome the biggest threat to the modern world. This is the least that we could do

COVID Relief – Vegetables Distribution

Date : 11/13/2020

Contribution: Vegetable Packs for 400 Families

Total Contribution: Rs. 60000 ($333)

Volunteer: Sriranthana Himi

Location: Peliyagoda, Ja-Ela, Wattala, Sapugaskanda

We were able to help 400 selected families from all races/ religions who cannot find meals with vegetable packs donations. May this gesture help them and their families stay away from hunger for a week or more until things settle down and they can go out and find work. For this initiative Srirantha Himi (???) and the Sri Lankan Police partnered with us.

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