Newsletter March to May 2021

Newsletter March to May 2021

15th May 2021

During the period of March 15th to May 15th with your help Raise Sri Lanka was able to drive numerous initiatives for social upliftment and for education development. Our vision is to help our fellow Sri Lankans in need, with the most needed helping hand for a better life. Everyone needs a little help somewhere.

House for Priyanka and her family

Priyanka, her daughter at the age of 10 who is medically challenged, her husband, who went through a severe injury falling off a roof, got a place to call home. With contributions from you and with voluntary help from the friends and family of Priyanka, we were able to complete building a home for Priyanka within a month and a half. Priyanka and her family were grateful, and she is one step closer to her dream of providing a brighter future for her daughter.

Date : 3/24/2021 | Initiative Contribution: Rs. 400,711.48

Raise Sri Lanka Social and Education Upliftment Initiatives

Sarana Special Needs Home

When you drive past Siyabalanduwa in the Monaragala district, you cut across to Ampara district, and as you drive further north, there is a small village called Uhana. The Sarana children’s home is the only one large home present for the entire district and therefore we didn’t have much trouble getting people to help us find it. It was formed 42 years back and there are children who has been living there since it’s formation.. Since the project's initiation, the person in charge of the home provided us estimates and essential needs with such care and thoughtfulness, which made the project an utmost success. The list included cupboards, bed, mattress, tv stand, chairs, rations, clean supplies, household materials, fans, glass for broken windows.

Date: 4/20/2021 Contribution:

Rs. 203,995.00

Location: Uvana, Ampara

Library and Computer Room

For the school and children, this would be a date that would go in their books. With your kind donations, we managed to save the demolition of their 72-year-old historic building and restore its glory, back to a library and an IT facility. And we also managed to help them with their classroom capacity issue to some level by giving these two extra rooms fully renovated roof, floors and walls.. The donations included

  •   Complete renovation of the building, including replacing roof, walls and floor fixtures (two rooms)
  •   Library cupboards and 50 library books for students from grade 1 - 10
  •   Audio sound system with two microphones for their assemblies etc.    

Date: 4/11/2021 Contribution : Rs 227, 282.00 Location : Wanduraba, Galle

First Computer

It has been a long wait for us, but it was a much, much longer wait for Galle Lelwala Kanishta Vidyalaya, Wanduraba. The students of this poor rural school were learning computer technology using photocopies of printed screens and drawings of what a computer could do. it has reached a point of practical impossibility, We heard of this need from the principal, and Your generous fundraiser sponsored the children and this school, which is abandoned from most essential funding with the following. Thank you!

  •  A computer with speakers for the first time of their lives
  • A photocopy machine (with scanner and printer) which would help them have copies for their exams and learning
  • Wiring to the building for the new technology to work

Date: 4/9/20201 Contribution: Rs. 127,621.50 Location : Wanduraba, Galle

Essentials for little Chalani

Chalani here is a wonderful little girl from rural Ratnapura. But, unfortunately, just 3 days after her birth, she was diagnosed with a health condition that has left her paralyzed from her waist down ever since.

Covid-19 has impacted her family income badly, and with two more children in the household, her parents, who run a small boutique shop in the house itself, find it rather challenging to make ends meet. With kind, generous donations from Mary, we could get Chalani a pack of ample essential health/sanitary/educational, and general supplies. We even managed to get her a commode chair to replace her broken one. Her whole family was overwhelmed at the giveaway, and her parents couldn't hold back their tears of genuine gratitude.

Date: 3/25/2021 Contribution: Rs. 25,000.00 Location: Ratnapura

Water for the First Time

We helped with water system installation in Preschool in the remote village sirikanduyaya. The project scope included installing a base for the water tank and establishing pipelines for drinking and toileting in the school.

Also, along with initiative, we managed to supply a school bell to Patunugama m.v. that did not even have a proper bell and was using a piece of metal in its place.

Thank you to our monthly members who contributed to this project and few other donors who took the lead on this initiative.

Date: 3/25/2021 Contribution: Rs. 70,314.00 Location: Sirikanduyaya, Bakunama

Help Families in Need

As part of the initiative to help 5 low income families in Thissamaharama who live off donations most of their life. All of their homes and children’s needs has come in some form of a help and donation as they barely make ends meet. The first step we could take was to help the children and the families with the following most urgent needs they requested for as soon as they met with us. Details include.

  • Pushpa malkanthi - Pair of shoes for the older child of grade 7 along with school books for this year
  • L.G. Pradeepa - Two mosquito nets for 3 children, two school bags with school books for this term and a table for their home
  • M.G. Niluka - new school shoes and books for a child of grade 8
  • S.A. Hashnini - 18 year old pregnant mom essentials

Date: 4/30/20201 Contribution: Rs. 50,000.00 Location : Tissamaraharama




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