Newsletter February to March 2021

Newsletter February to March 2021

15th March 2021

When you are a blessed a little extra, raise someone who needs a little extra.

Educational Facility for Iluppukanniya Vidyalaya - Anuradhapuraya

Illupipukanniya Vidyalaya got their first computer for their school. It was a memorable moment. The children came to school to see their new computer and arranged a very special celebration for us to show their gratitude for the kind and thoughtful gesture.

We also contributed a library cupboard and library books for the school. The 66 students studying at this school can benefit from the new library and computer facility. We also gave gifts for the six students who sat for the scholarship examination and got good marks, students at Illuppakanniya Vidyalaya is motivated to do better.

Contribution : Rs. 116,736 Date: 3/2/2021

Founders Note

This was an exciting month for us, we were able to help many Sri Lankans across geographies, where ever we can. Our initiatives ranged from Education, Social Upliftment and Medical Assistance. we would like to sincerely thank all of you for your generous contributions and being part of the Raise Sri Lanka Family

Toilet for Indika's Family

Indika is a father of 3 children (two sons (9 and 4 years) and 1 daughter who is 13). He has a son who is 3 years and has a hole in the heart and has undergone surgery. Due to the asthma condition that prevails, the child has to be taken to the hospital every month for multiple medical clinics and he is on an inhaler every day since he was a baby.

They did not have a toilet and using one that is about 300 meters in another house.

Contribution : Rs. 36,100 Date: 2/24/2021

Siyambalanduwa - School Supplies and Library Supplies for 40 Students

Children in Siyambalanduwa Lakmini school are from families in the poverty line. These families struggle to put one meal on the table daily.

These children were using used books from previous years and the books were torn and was difficult to use. With your help we were able to help these 40 students with new school supplies.

Contribution : Rs. 50,050 Date: 3/5/2021

Siyambalanduwa - Lakmini School Renovations

Lakmini school in Siyambalanduwa occupies 40 children with limited provisions.

Starting from providing electricity to the school for the first time, wiring, roofing and floor fixtures, a new playground, and finally paint all the walls, we managed to revamp the entire school to its current glory with your continuous flow of contributions and generous donations.

Contribution : Rs. 130,704 Date: 3/4/2021

Mugunuwala Primary School – School Supplies

With your help we were able to assist another Rural School, Mugunuwala primary school which is in Walihelathanna village in Sabaragamuwa district. The school was in desperate need for essential supplies for their library. They were using school desks to manage their library. We donated a library cupboard and an office cupboard for the school so that the school can help these 160 students learn and study.

There were 21 students who did not have school supplies for the new school term, we bought school supplies for these students.

Contribution: Rs. 73,376 Date: 3/15/2021

Medical Assistance for Daham

We got this urgent request from Daham's mother Seelawathi on the 18th of February stating that the treatment required for Daham, a 13-year-old boy, suffering from leukemia, was not available in the Maharagama Apeksha hospital and needed to purchase from out. Seelawathi is working on day jobs and her husband has left and has been taking care of Daham with the greatest difficulty.

She was not able to find the money for her son in the 11th hour and reached out for well wishes around.

Contribution: Rs. 29450 Date: 2/22/2021

House for Priyanka and Family

We are almost done with Priyanka’s house. Priyanka, her daughter age of 10 who is medically challenged, her husband who went through a serious injury falling off a roof will soon have a place to call home.

With contributions from you, and with voluntary help from the friends and family of Priyanka, the house is slowly progressing. Today they live in temporary hut trying their best to survive day today. Priyanka and her family are extremely happy and grateful for what you are doing to help them

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