Newsletter March to June 2021

Newsletter March to June 2021

15th June 2021

COVID Relief

When all of us are devastated and affected by the deadly Covid Virus, our main focus this month was to help our fellow Sri Lankans face the pandemic.

During these difficult times, people longed for at least for one meal on the table. Together with our volunteer teams and with the help from all of you. We provided these families in need with Rs. 4000 worth goods. All of these families were identified with the help from Grama Sewaka Niladhari’s. We were able to distribute these goods across numerous areas in Sri Lanka.

Contribution Amount - Rs. 1,320,000 ($ 7600) | Location – Island Wide

New Kitchen and a Toilet for a Family of Five

Raise Sri Lanka team handpicked this family who lives in Tissamaharama to help them to build a new kitchen and toilet for their family. K.A.Pushpa Malkanthi a mother of 3 children used to cook under an unsteady hut and the entire family used the neighbor’s toilet for their daily needs. With the help from our monthly members, Raise Sri Lanka stepped up to help them build a small kitchen and a toilet. This family is determined to bring up their children in a better living standard. The father and mother they themselves provided the labor effort to build the toilet and the kitchen.

Contribution Amount – Rs. 101,000.00 ($520) | Location – Tissamaharama

COVID Relief – Multipara Monitor - Hospital Mulativu

Mulatiuv District General Hospital is the ONLY hospital with a consultation coverage up in the entire district. The hospital managed the critically ill patients but used to transferred the COVID-positive patients to the nearby hospitals since the hospital lacked the necessary equipment and infrastructure to handle the situation.. But Due to the current pandemic outbreak, nearby hospitals like Vavniya, Jaffna was no longer able to accept patients from other districts due to the volume and the risk. The Mulativu hospital had to step up to handle the COVID cases in-house and therefore they transformed the COVID suspected unit to a COVID treatment center. This new COVID treatment center needed a Multipara monitor patient’s vitals and reached out to Raise Sri Lanka for assistance.

Contribution Amount – Rs. 275,000 ($1447) | Location – Mulativu

Project Virya – Dialysis Machine

Musaeus College Batch of 2007 partnered with Raise Sri Lanka to raise funds for a CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) machine for the Karapitiya hospital. This machine can be used to treat severely ill heart patients to support their kidney functions. This initiative was undertaken in memory of Dr. Gayan Danthanarayana. who passed away due to the deadly Covid-19 virus. Raise Sri Lanka was able to raise 25% of the funds required to buy this machine and was handed over to the Project Virya team.

Contribution– Rs.1026749.05 ($5252.33) | Location – Karapitiya

New toilet for a Family of Three

These children live with their grandmother simply coz their mom has to go work far away. The eldest child is 14 years old and they live in difficult circumstances due to the poverty. The main challenge for them has been to build a toilet for the home since currently they have to use their neighbouring homes. Since the girl child is growing up, it is becoming a necessity for them to have a toilet close by without going out in the dark. We were able to help them with your contributions and now the toilet with an adjacent washroom with a shower.

Contribution Amount – Rs. 50,000 ($256 )| Location – Tissamaharama


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