Newsletter January to February 2021

Newsletter January to February 2021

15th February 2021

Founder’s Note

This has been an existing month for us. We were involved in numerous initiatives, ranging from helping pregnant mothers to providing basic necessities for a rural children’s home with differently abled children. We’ve raised funds from our monthly members, one-off contributors and from our Facebook fund raisers. Thank you everyone for being with us in our journey to Raise Sri Lanka

Helping Pregnant Mothers in Tissamaharama

Because you helped, we were able to help 16 Pregnant mothers with essentials to support their delivery. These mothers live in poverty conditions, and these essentials are mandated by the hospital and it costs Rs.10,000 to get the bare minimum essential to support pregnancy. With COVID conditions, families are struggling to eat a minimum of a meal a day. These mothers were delighted to receive the essential pack.

Date: 1/ 31/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 145, 696

Books for the new Term

We have managed to go through a very thorough process where only students who well deserve are handpicked across 5 schools in rural areas. We identified 51 students across 10 grades. We got letters from the principals stating the urgent requirement to provide the book lists for next year.

Date :1/20/2021|Total Contribution Rs. 85,000

Help Dileepa and her 3 Children to have a roof over their head

Dileepa tries her best day in and day out to uplift her family. Working at a garment factory, paying rent for a temporary roof over her family’s head, she hustled to put up 6 feet of wall for her house. COVID affected her income and was desperately looking for some hope to help complete her house. With your help, we stepped up to help complete her house.

Date : 1/23/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 85,272

COVID Relief Thalawa, Anuradhapura – 16 Families

COVID 19 has affected all of us. These 16 families in Thalawa were in quarantine. Their closest family and friends were not able to help them. Our volunteers with the help from MOH and Sri Lanka Police stepped up to help these 16 families with basic necessities to spend the 14 days in quarantine.

Date : 1/23/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 36,000

Sandamalgama Vidyalaya Back to welcoming new students

Sandamalgama Vidyalaya didn’t have a proper classroom to welcome the new batch of 30 students. Their existing facility did not even have the minimum standards for a classroom to operate. With your help Raise Sri Lanka stepped up to help where ever we can. We helped the school to ensure that they have the minimum requirements to conduct a class.

Date: 1/25/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 32,800

Sanitary facility for a family of 3 children in Polonnaruwa

Ransasinghe’s family now has a sanitary facility. They used to have a temporary pit along the trees about 700 meters from their home. Mr. Ranasinghe despite his injuries to his right hand, stepped up and helped to build the facility. Their urge to uplift themselves, motivated us to contribute where we can.

Date : 2/4/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 45,145

Electricity to Siyambalanduwa Rural School

School was facing difficulties without electricity. All of us were blessed to go to schools with lights and fans. These children couldn’t concentrate during days of high heat or rainy days. We were able to step in to provide electricity to this school. Now they have lights cloudy days and fans for warm days.

Date : 2/6/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs.61,500

Play Area for Nagamagal Vidyalaya

Remember when we were kids, we were waiting till the interval to go and play in the play area. These little children were deprived of a play area for years. Raise Sri Lanka stepped in to contribute where we can and helped the school to fix and upgrade the play area. These children are ecstatic with the play ground as it helps them to enjoy their time at school

Date : 2/2/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 50,500

Sathuta Children’s Home - Valentines

It was a wonderful day for Sathuta children’s home. They got new clothes and toys and a lot of other needs for the home. The innocent smiles of these orphaned children who has simple satisfactions of life, was unmistakable. They were genuinely happy to get a new dress and a doll. Some of them were sleeping on the floor, we were able to help provide beds for them.

Date : 2/14/2021 | Total Contribution – Rs. 122,344

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