Newsletter November to December 2020

Newsletter November to December 2020

15th December 2020

When you are a blessed a little extra, raise someone who needs a little extra.

Essentials for Expecting Moms

Our kind hearted givers, together we were able to help ten pregnant mothers with a list of essential items. These items are essential during and post delivery and it costs Rs.10000 for a single mother. Because of the Covid Pandemic, it is difficult for these mothers to afford these essentials to welcome and help another human take the first breath in this beautiful world with kind people like you.

The total cost for the project was Rs. 104049 ($577)

Toilets for Abeykoon’s and Imran’s Families

Their houses have very basic needs and these families are living in daily wages and they try their very best to at least one meal on the table Due to the additional cost of building a toilet, they have been deprived of it for years and have been using a temporary hut outdoors or have been sharing with other families nearby. The total cost to build these 2 toilets were Rs.113,100 ($627)

Books for Students In Anuradhapura

For this initiative we helped 71 students from grades 1 through 10 who thanks to you will go back to school next year.

These children come from families who are suffering to meet ends meet. And they are working off selling their crops, and day jobs. With the current situation due to COVID 19, it makes it harder to earn money when the prices of vegetables have gone down and they have no other source of income. The total cost for this initiative was Rs. 136020 ($752)

Thank You With your help this month we’ve been able to help many, put smiles on many. $15 a month goes a long way. Thank you very much for being a part of Raise Sri Lanka.

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