Newsletter June to August 2021

Newsletter June to August 2021

15th August 2021

It has been a Year since we started Raise Sri Lanka as a registered charity in the United States. During this year,

  • We raised over US$ 48000
  • We built 2 houses and we are building another house.
  • Distributed Over 1100 Urgent Relief Packs.
  • Donated 5 Computers to schools.
  • Donated over 20 medical Equipment.
  • Helped 19 rural schools with necessities.
  • Helped over 800 students with school supplies.
  • Helped 5 patients in need of financial assistance.

With your help we will continue to do our part to help Raise Sri Lanka.

House for Nandakumara’s family of three

We are excited to start working on our third house since our inception in September 2020. Nandakumara, his wife and 3 children ( ages 14, 9 and 3.5 years boys) of which two children are schooling. Both parents are working on day jobs which only supports their food and there is no hope for them to uplift the living standards to any level possible. They currently live in a single room clay hut with broken windows and roof.

After validating the land, income and family details, amid most requests, this family will get your help to have a new home.

Contribution (Estimation): US$ 2100.00

PPE Kits to General Hospital Colombo

As you all know, Raise Sri Lanka is continuously working with our Volunteers in Sri Lanka to make sure that we contribute wherever we can to ensure the required assistance is there in our efforts to fight COVID 19. We got an urgent request from the General Hospital Colombo for 250 PPE kits and with the help from Dr. Ruchindra Amarasinghe we handed over the PPE Kits to Dr. Kumara Wickremasinghe, Director General of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Contribution: US$563.11 Date: 8/9/2021

Photocopy Machine to Patunugama Kanishta School

Patungama Kanishta School was in need of a photocopy machine to make copies of books, past papers and other study material for the children. Most of the students in this school are from low income families and parents couldn’t afford the need for photocopying requirements.

With the help from our partners in Sri Lanka, we donated a new printer for the school. The children and teachers now have access to a printer for their photo copier needs.

Contribution: US$200 Date: 8/2/2021

Audio Speaker and an Amp for Somawathi Primary School

Primary school has some of the nicest memories for most of us. We took part in many extra-curricular activities like sports and concerts. Still remember some of the nursery rhymes and how much we enjoyed listening to them. Somawathi primary school was in need of an Audio Speaker and an amp for the school, to conduct their daily meetings and other events. With the help from our volunteers in Sri Lanka, we were able to help the school with their audio needs. Contribution:

US$123 Date: 8/2/2021

Computer and a Photo Copy Machine for Alahara Bakamuna Sirikanduyaya Primary school

The education ministry had provided a laptop for this school. But the laptop is not in working condition and funds are not available for a replacement. We donated a computer for the children of this school so that they can continue to learn new technology and their information technology curriculums. We also donated a photocopy machine so that the school can take printouts of necessary study material.

Contribution: US$425 Date: 7/30/2021

Bedroom for Pregnant Mother Pawani in Tissamaharama

Pawani has been trying to have a baby for 8 years now. And finally she is awaiting her new baby girl. Her poverty level has put her ina position where she cannot afford to buy the essential pack for her new arrival. As part of one of Raise SL programs we managed to provide her with the necessities.

We helped them build the walls up and next week they would add a roof on to the newly built room. Hopefully all the house work will be completed before the arrival of the baby on the 2nd week of September. Thank you for our monthly member contributions that could support these causes.

Contribution: US$320 Date: 7/28/2021

Urgent Medical Equipment for Ampara General Hospital

Due to the pandemic, many hospitals are short staff and short of required equipment to treat patients. Ampara General Hospital was also in need of medical equipment to face the pandemic.

As part of a fund raiser, Raise Sri Lanka managed and coordinated the donation the following urgent medical equipment for the Ampara General Hospital.

  1. CPAP Ventilator
  2. Umec10 Multipara monitor
  3. Infusion Pumps

Contribution: US$8506.00 Date: 7/28/2021

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