Our Heart Never Leaves

Our Heart Never Leaves That Tiny Island Nation We Call Home

Sachinta Vishwanatha

We never stop caring

Our heart never leaves that tiny island nation we call home. We read the news daily, we keep up to date on what’s happening, we check in with family, friends and colleagues for the unprinted news out there. We are concerned and emotionally invested in our country’s wellbeing. More so, when we hear of the less unfortunate.

It could be financial circumstances, or loss of their guardians, or repercussions of a natural or man-made disaster; but whatever the cause, it breaks our heart to hear of our fellow people facing hardships. Especially when those hardships are what we deem basic and simple privileges we take for granted on a daily basis: a roof over our head, a book to learn, access to medicine, hygiene and sanitary products, and the likes.

We are here to help you help them
We at Raise Sri Lanka bring you the opportunity to give back to your motherland. We choose projects which are close to our hearts. Children with no access to school books, an old lady with a leaking roof and broken windows shivering in her sleep, little girls who are embarking on becoming women with no access to sanitary pads, a young person so sick it breaks your heart that they have no access to medication.

How you can help us help their wishes come true
When you donate as little as $15 per month, you give opportunity for a life to be given better opportunities. Join our team of donors by clicking the link below. Your caring will be transformed into tangible physical results and we will update you of the progress that your donation makes each month.



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