A Little Help Goes a Long Way

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Sachinta Vishwanatha

Most of us take this check list as a basic given for our lives. Our big check lists are more about home mortgages, the next big job or business venture, a fancier cooler vehicle, a Masters or PhD or special certifications, a new restaurant to try out, a better gym with more facilities, more relaxing time outdoors or in hobbies to give our minds a break from work stress.

  •     Roof on our head – check
  •     3 meals a day – check
  •     School and education – check
  •     Means of a steady income – check
  •     Healthy mind – check
  •     Healthy body – check

Most of us don’t see the dominos effect each element has on the other, and how linked and fragile the whole list is; interdependent on multiple elements for its own sustenance.

Case in Point – Picture this Family

Somasiri’s wife and children

The patriarch with no steady job, depending on daily odd jobs. His daily earnings then result in how much or, in most cases, how little his children get to eat that day.

The wife and mother, suffering from physical and mental health issues, unable to even breast feed her youngest. Rewind to the top now. The father’s income has to be first spent on special formula milk for the youngest who is still not at the stage of regular food. Fast forward: the children have even less money for food now! For this family, even the most basic check list is hard to achieve on a day to day basis.

How can We Help
The “Kitchen” and “Dining” area!

We wanted a lasting solution. We can’t solve all their problems, but we can give them one less problem to worry about.

Their home; or what they call their home. A ramshackle delipidated mud hut called home. With a leaky roof and some walls with holes so large or completely bare; it’s more of an absence of a wall, it cannot be even called a shelter leave alone a home.

Our volunteer has met Somasiri and his family, he has verified the authenticity of the situation with the local authorities of their location.  By thoroughly vetting to ensure it’s a genuine case, we have decided to build Somasiri and his family a house that they can call home. With brick and cement, sturdy and strong, permanent and reliable, a safe haven and foundation for them to live in.
As always, your kind donations to make this a reality is appreciated and put to good use.

Somasiri’s wife and her father, on their tiny plot of land with their makeshift house they call home

Time for one problem less for this family to worry about

We aim for this venture by Raise Sri Lanka to raise Somasiri and his family’s life just enough that they gain strength of mind with a safe secure space to live in, enabling them to use this foundation for their mental and physical health.

From there, let the dominos fall such that they raise themselves to a level to address the rest of their basic needs with a little more ease.

May this endeavor help their children get the mental and physical space to concentrate on studies, the mother to get the needed recuperation, the father to rest his head without worrying if the rain will harm his beloved family.
Don’t forget to give a little, for Somasiri and his family to benefit a little. You can join as a monthly member for $15 or make a one time donation as you please.

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